Durata show: 

  • Small 20′
  • Medium 30′
  • Big 45/50′

Spazio necessario: metà campo da basket o 15 x 15 m con proprio set up)

Cast:  da 3 a 5 tra performer tra freestyler basket e dunker

Ideale per:

  • Tornei di basket
  • Feste di natale, inizio o fine stagione di squadre di basket
  • Presentazioni prima squadra di basket
  • Tornei street ball e basket 3×3 
  • Grandi centri commerciali

It was the first step that helped creating the whole freestyle show business

dunkers and freestylers sharing a basketball, providing fun for everyone in every situation.
You probably heard about it or saw some imitations, but our best-selling format created the formula itself.
Dunks over people, gags and interactions with the crowd, tricks with 8 or more balls and acrobatic dunking sequences performed by the best in the business are the key of its more than 15 years long success.
A classic you can’t miss.

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