Da Move rootsand what we do.

It was the end of the millennium when two natural performers started to make daily shows on basketball playgrounds around Italy. They were Fabio K-lean Mastromatteo and Lorenzo Aig Scream Pinciroli. The two of them met for the first time during the final round of the Adidas Streetball Dunk Contest, and decided to share a future of freestyle.

The time is right for some freestyle

The crew grew larger with every show and made a name for itself. Exhibitions of Fabio, Lorenzo and their athletes were such a display of skills, talent and pure energy that event managers asked them to join their lists.

Fabio and Lorenzo kept an open eye on every new trend in the streetball environment and therefore they were among the first to understand that freestyle was the new big thing in Europe. They decided to bring this discipline that requires hard training and inspiration to their own country. And yet again the crew was in the spotlight.

Da Move was founded in 2002 and in a short time it was on everyone’s lips. The first big chance for the crew to be seen by a broader audience came with the Nike Playground League in Naples. Event managers appreciated Fabio and Lorenzo’s crew style, a powerful mix of freestyle and acrobatic slam dunks, and decided to invite them as All Star guests to perform along with NBA players. The audience went wild in front of these athletes performances and finally Da Move had its own event during the Footlocker Street-Experience in Bologna and Milan.

Slam dunk in Europe

Da Move‘s style and its shows achieved resounding success, so the crew decided to go all the way and from that moment their shows were 100% freestyle. Event invitations came one after another: first the NBA Tour in Spain, Italy and England, then the Harlem Globe Trotters opening in Milan, the World Dunk Contest in Bucharest, the And 1 Mixtape tour in Budapest and the French edition of the All Star Game, broadcasted live on national TV. In Italy Da Move took part in successful TV shows such as Zelig and Le Iene Show, counting almost nine million viewers.

Da Move were pioneers in the European freestyle environment and one of the most talked-about crews on international web sites, magazines and TV shows. Despite their success, crew members continued looking around to anticipate new tendencies and employ fresh performers with various backgrounds.  Therefore Da Move mixed basketball with freestyle footballbreakdancefreerunningparkourBMX and trial bike. New choreographies and never tried before stunts marked the beginning of a new era for the freestyle environment.

Da next move

Ten years went by since Fabio and Lorenzo performed together for the first time. Through all these years, crew members brought their shows in over one thousand events across more than fifteen countries. Every exhibition was a success and gave the athletes a precious opportunity to improve their style, earning them international praises and rewards. Nowadays Da Move is one of the European freestyle sports entertainment leaders, thanks to its crew members who trained hard for many years. But this is not the finish line: just another step before the next evolution.

European freestyle leader since over ten years.

Show must go pro

We offer our talent and expertise to create with you the best performance for your event. Besides we brought more than one thousand shows across fifteen countries, becoming the European freestyle leaders. Tell us how you imagine your show: from a brief appearance to a spectacular exhibition, we have solutions for any audience or event.

Format without limits

There’s no limit to the type of show we can arrange for you. Choose between our most popular formats in the professional services section of the site or ask for something new. Thanks to our broad network of partners, we can easily have access to all the needed resources to create mono or multidisciplinary performances of any kind. Urban, street and freestyle sport: together we choose the type of show right for you. From breakdance to freestyle football, from parkour to trial bike, we are ready to involve your audience with the best athletes and the most spectacular tricks of any discipline.

Train as an athlete, think as an artist

Our performers train hard every day to be at their best in every show. That’s why they are the most sought after in Europe and in some cases even in the world. Their secret is a mix of artistic talent and athletic skills shaped by a strict discipline. And they care a great deal about their public. That’s something people feel at the show and make them enjoy the performance even more. Only if you love what you do, you can get to the top. And we love all the things we do.

Made in Italy at the vanguard

Da Move was born because its founders, Fabio e Lorenzo, actively seek what’s the next big thing in the environment and wanted a crew ready to bring it into the show. In the last ten years we have experimented any type of collaboration: from TV productions to advertising agencies, always trying different partners and facing new challenges. An open mind, discipline and creativity are the qualities that have guided every action we have taken since the beginning and have brought us to create formats and services every day more entertaining and tailor made for our clients.


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